NAACP Akron Branch Providing Rides to the Polls

As a safety measure, The Ohio Secretary of State has ordered changes for The Primary Election Day to avoid having polling places at senior residential facilities, in order to limit the exposure of elderly people to COVID-19.

The Akron NAACP recognizes the impact of the current health crisis on voting opportunities for our seniors.  Starting today, the Akron Branch will provide rides to the polls. Priority will be given to citizens in one of the locations listed below.

If a senior citizen has difficulty entering the voting location,  curbside voting will be available.

Senior Citizens needing a ride to the polls please contact 330-805-5550.

Download PDF here.


Akron 1-D Fowler Apartments, 65 Byers Avenue, Akron, 44302 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 1361 West Market Street, Akron, 44313
Akron 2-C Nimmer Place, 1600 Brittain Road, Akron, 44310 Forest Hill CLC, 850 Damon Street, Akron, 44310
Akron 3-C, 3-G Saferstein Towers II, 585 Diagonal Road, Akron 44320 Helen Arnold CLC, 450 V. Odom Boulevard, Akron, 44307
Akron 3-I Callis Tower, 730 Callis Drive, Akron, 44311 Leggett CLC, 333 East Thornton Street, Akron, 44311
Akron 5-D Lauer Apartments, 666 North Howard Street, Akron, 44310 Findley CLC, 65 West Tallmadge Avenue, Akron, 44310
Akron 5-N Cotter House, 50 Cotter Avenue, Akron 44305 Mason CLC, 700 East Exchange Street, Akron, 44306

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