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Our Focus Areas

Our focus is to ensure a society where all individuals have equal rights and no racial hatred or discrimination.

Akron, Ohio


Chairs: Tammy Monroe &

Cynthia Peoples

Our focus: ACT-SO is the acronym for Afro-Academic, Culture, Technological, and Scientific Olympics. The Akron NAACP recruits the youth, provides mentoring, conducts local competitions, and supports local winners in national competitions. 


Our focus: Study and address local educational conditions. Seek to eliminate discriminatory practices in public education. Promote parental involvement.


Chair: Candace Eberhardt & Selaria Woodall

Our focus: Study housing conditions in the community. Receive and seek to address complaints of discrimination. Oppose all restrictive practices. Disseminate information and render assistance to eliminate discrimination.

Political Action

Chair: Judi Hill

Our focus: Seek to increase registration and voting. Work for the enactment of municipal, state, and federal legislation.

Criminal Justice

Advocate for the decrease in violence by focusing on the Death Penalty in Ohio, bail reform, Criminal Justice reform, and youth violence. 


Assess the health needs of the community. Collaborate with local health systems. Advocate for equal access. Sponsor health-related activities.


Chair: Steve Arrington

Our focus: Advocate for the civil and human rights of LGBTQ individuals. Explore priorities that include a strong yet diverse representation. Create dialogue to explore various topics.


Chair: Dr. Rhea Richardson

Our focus: Develop intelligent, effective youth leadership ensuring the development of future civil leaders.

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