Youth Programming


The NAACP’s Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics is a yearlong achievement program designed to recruit, stimulate, and encourage high academic and cultural achievement among African-American high school students.

ACT-SO includes 26 categories of competition in the sciences, humanities, business, and performing and visual arts.

College For Kids

Students participate for six to eight Saturdays on The University of Akron campus where the presentations regarding college requirements and career choices are discussed by professionals in their field, the presenters are volunteers from the community.

Unit Focus:

The five NAACP Game Changers below address the major areas of inequality facing African Americans. They provide the focus of the NAACP’s work.

  1. Economic Sustainability 

Every person will have equal opportunity to achieve economic success, sustainability, and financial security.

  1. Education

Every child will receive a free, high quality, equitably-funded, public pre-K and

K-12 education followed by diverse opportunities for accessible, affordable vocational or university education.

  1. Health

Everyone will have equal access to affordable, high-quality health care, and racially disparate health outcomes will end.

  1. Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Disproportionate incarceration, racially motivated policing strategies, and racially biased, discriminatory, and mandatory minimum sentencing will end. Incarceration will be greatly reduced and communities will be safer. The death penalty will be abolished at the state and federal level, as well as in the military.

  1. Voting Rights and Political Representation

Every American will have free, open, equal, and protected access to the vote and fair representation at all levels of the political process.


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